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Apache Module mod_lua

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Description:Provides Lua hooks into various portions of the httpd request processing
Module Identifier:lua_module
Source File:mod_lua.c
Compatibility:2.3 and later


This module allows the server to be extended with scripts written in the Lua programming language. The extension points (hooks) available with mod_lua include many of the hooks available to natively compiled Apache HTTP Server modules, such as mapping requests to files, generating dynamic responses, access control, authentication, and authorization

More information on the Lua programming language can be found at the the Lua website.

mod_lua is still in experimental state. Until it is declared stable, usage and behavior may change at any time, even between stable releases of the 2.4.x series. Be sure to check the CHANGES file before upgrading.


This module holds a great deal of power over httpd, which is both a strength and a potential security risk. It is not recommended that you use this module on a server that is shared with users you do not trust, as it can be abused to change the internal workings of httpd.




Basic Configuration

The basic module loading directive is

LoadModule lua_module modules/mod_lua.so

mod_lua provides a handler named lua-script, which can be used with a SetHandler or AddHandler directive:

<Files *.lua>
    SetHandler lua-script

This will cause mod_lua to handle requests for files ending in .lua by invoking that file's handle function.

For more flexibility, see LuaMapHandler.